About us

Our company

Simpur is a specialized high-level manufacturing firm in Spain.

The use of the best raw materials and our extensive experience over two decades as manufacturers, we consolidated as growing brand that offers customers a high-quality and design.

  • High quality products
  • The best customer service
  • Back guarantee in 30 days

Our team


We have a wide collection of models.

We have the perfect combination of beauty and craftsmanship.

We manufacture the mattress to suit multiple options so you can choose the one that best suits your needs at the most competitive price.

Our mattresses are made with all the guarantees that gives us being manufacturers in Spain (use of first class raw materials, compliance with all regulations required by the European Union and Spanish, rigorous quality control, etc.), so that the customer gets a reliable, durable and competitive at all levels the final product.

The delivery time is reduced always adapting to the customer request since we have technology and cutting-edge logistics.

The firm has an exclusive sales team for a personalized treatment in order to ensure that the final product result as a tailor-made suit, attractive and inviting.


Our potential customers are::

-Hotel chains.
-Studies of Architecture and Design.
-Promoters and Builders.
-Rural Hotels, Commandery.
-Private residences.